holy shit

That changes everything


holy shit

That changes everything

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nintendofanboycole asked: What stage do think the one featured in the Ghirahim picture?

It’s the Pokémon League stage that Sakurai has been teasing since the Greninja trailer.


Anonymous asked: Did you notice the abundance of stuff about Link this week?

Now that you mention it, he did appear in some way on the last three days.

Maybe it’s Sakurai teasing a new Zelda announcement…? Maybe another Zelda stage? Hmm…

Smash Bros. images of the week: August 18th to August 22nd

There’s also a new page added to the main site! It’s a music page! Check it out!

Yoshi's Island + Final Bosses

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I think that one of the things that bothers me the most about this is the fact that it just looks really ugly. Like, the way the roster look and how it looks like they just chose a bunch of images and slapped in on a black background, you know?

Yeah, it really looks a little like something an amateur designer would do.

The more we look into it, the more it looks fake.
I just think this MIGHT be real because we’re getting closer to the game’s release, so the possibility of a real deal leak is growing rapidly with each day.


To me this was just strange. If they are going to choose one of the deleated five from Melee to return, why on Earth would it be Dr. Mario over Mewtwo or Roy? Also, there is more wrong with the other pictures its painful.

Yeah, Doctor Mario returning over Mewtwo is really a slap in the face of Mewtwo supporters.

MAYBE, in the leakers point of view, Mewtwo still hasn’t been unlocked… I seriously don’t know.

correct me if i’m wrong but it appears that dark pit has his own slot? that makes it fake to me.

Yes, he does.
Well, I always thought Dark Pit would be an alt. costume, but after Lucina I’m not really sure about that.
But yeah, I’m still not 100% sure about this leak.


nintendofanboycole asked: You know what would have convinced me more on that leak is if they put Lucina and Dark Pit up with the other characters they belong with, same with Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr. They always put the characters next to each other.

Yeah, I’m not buying it either.
But one argument that someone could use is that it could be because that’s not the whole roster, and when you unlock all the characters, they all fit into place.


absolutelythanis asked: What are your thoughts on the latest Smash Bros. roster leak?

I was waiting for someone to ask me about it, haha.

Well, that came totally out of nowhere.
It’s could be real, or it could be the most amazing fake ever.
An interesting thing is, it has a lot of things in common with an older “leak”. I wonder if both are true, or if this new one is a fake, inspired by the older one.

Take a look at that link. It’s really an interesting read.

But well, I like the roster. The return of Doctor Mario is really something a little too weird to grasp, and Duck Hunt is a great choice for a weird retro character that no one would expect. I never wanted Shulk, but if he’s also in, whatever. I’ll probably like to use him, anyway.
As for the DLC characters, they make me think it’s a fake leak. I don’t think the person who had those images would have this kind of information.