Oh Bowser, you’re such a dork

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Precious baby

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Warning: New Challenger Approaching.

But Charizard is a veteran…
Great gifset, anyway.

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nintendofanboycole replied to your post “Well if there was still a shadow of a doubt, there’s no denying…”

I’ll still wait until it’s all officially announced. And also any idea who the shadow was at the end of the trailer, or do any of your followers know?

Seriously, the artwork is the same, the moves are the same… You can expect the other characters from the leak, because it’s 99.99% legit. To be honest, I’m personally pretty happy with 2 of the newcomers in there. [also there’s a possibility that was not the full roster]

Some people told me the shadow [and the voice] is a villain from Xenoblade. I’m pretty sure it’s called Metal Face. It’s probably gonna be a stage hazard or something like that.

Pardon my ignorance, but when and where did Sakurai-san actually tell someone they were undeserving to play one of his games? Not that I doubt it happened.

Actually, it’s from a parody video.

I tried linking it to the post, but I couldn’t  find it anywhere.
But now that you asked, I remembered how to find it:

[x] - You find the quote around 4:25


Anonymous asked: Shulk's video is titled "Looks like we don't have a choice". I like to believe it's Sakurai's little way of saying "Here assholes! Here's Shulk! You couldn't have just waited until we officially announce him, could you?! This is why we can't have nice things..."