Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - A Mini Review


You know, when the DKC series came back with Returns, I was pretty satisfied with the result. It was not as good as DKC2 [of course not, that game is perfection], but it was VERY fun. In fact, it was one of my favorite Wii games.

This game takes the best things about Returns and makes them EVEN BETTER!
Looks like Retro Studios really learned how to make a 2D platformer be interesting from beginning to end. Every level [EVERY. DAMN. LEVEL.] in this game is memorable on its own. Each level is a new experience, and an awesome one with that. When/If you play it you’ll understand.
The game is also very challenging, but fair. When you die, it’s your fault, not the game’s. And I love games like these.

The Kongs are VERY well animated. And their fur is so cuddly, I just wanna hug them. I loved that they brought Dixie back, and I don’t care about Cranky McDuck, but I’ll say he’s a nice addition.

And the soundtrack. OH THE SOUNDTRACK. David Wise, the composer of the original DKC games, is back. And he did not lose his golden touch. Some of his new songs kinda remind me of his best works in Donkey Kong Country 2 and Diddy Kong Racing. They seriously brought me back to the good old times when I played SNES with my brother…

But then, the game isn’t perfect. In fact, it has the same flaws as its predecessor:
- Donkey Kong is still fixed as the P1 character. I want to play as the Diddy & Dixie team!
- Rambi and Squawks are the only Animal Buddies.
- The “Bonus Rounds”/”Secret Rooms” are still those generic “collect 100 bananas in this single room” missions.
And the most important:
- Collecting 100% isn’t as rewarding and exciting as the collecting all the good old DK Coins in DKC2 and DKC3.

Put hey, just minor flaws. This game is still GREAT. If you have a Wii U, you should already have it. This and Mario 3D World are the two biggest MUST HAVE’s of the console.

Retro Studios is my new Rare. I trust them. Any game they make is guaranteed to be good.

[this mini review was less mini than I thought it would be… well crap]

That lolitashrek ask must be the weirdest best ask I’ve ever received.


Anonymous asked: Ridley 2014. I believe...


Hold hands and join in the prayer circle so that Sakurai will deliver unto us our god-given right to a playable Space Dragon Pirate.


lolitashrek asked: Shrek-chan for smash

Sakurai plz

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This is what I think Kirby will look like when he copies the newcomers.

Reupdated, now with Little Mac and Greninja[that was the hardest one to figure out]

Diddy Kong is the best character

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Anonymous asked: What if during online fights the only damage percentage you see is your own? Nintendo wouldn't let anyone know how much damage other people had taken, just their own under their character icon?

Hmm, that would be interesting. Maybe it could be a nice way to stop players from hunting and attacking the weakest fighter to score a cheap point.

Although, they would probably look for the guy who is getting launched the most easily…

Not a bad idea, anyways. Thanks for sharing it!

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